Wednesday Matters
Everyday About Me

Life isn’t all about me? Okay, but what do you think about me? Hey this is Debbie Griffith with Everyday Matters. There are all these others things more important than me and my needs but yet there is this loving personal God who says; “Talk to Me.  I’m listening.  I care.

There’s a lot of ugliness and injustice in the world with war, loneliness, hunger, death and these issues are rooted in man’s rebellion. The answer is not to complain about how awful it all is or heap the blame on others. It’s to look at myself and understand that revival begins with me. It’s humility. Submitting to God and changing direction from thinking “life’s all about me.” Putting a Band-Aid, here and there, on this or that moral problem is not the answer. Throw-out your selfishness. Acknowledging the death and resurrection of Christ is the one foundation for Christian community and world peace. National and international meetings; crusades against immorality are good and have their places, but none of them is an adequate substitute for dying to self…everyday.