Friday Matters
Everyday Stripped

I’ve been going through what I describe as a “stripping away” from titles that made me feel important.  I chose to step down as an artistic director, a spokesperson for a noble organization but I didn’t realize how important these titles made me feel. Hey this is Debbie Griffith with Everyday Matters. In Colossians 3:4 God told me, be content with obscurity, like Christ.  I was to be content with being unimportant.

When Jesus said, “Become like a “little child,” He meant we’re to be willing to accept ourselves as least in importance. The least is a symbol of those who have the lowest places in society; the poor and the oppressed, the prostitutes, the tax collectors.  But Jesus concern was that these should not be despised or treated as inferior (Matthew 18:10). He was well aware of their feelings of shame, and because of their humility and His compassion they were of REALLY great value.  God’s grace falls on us not because of our titles in society, but because it’s His good pleasure to love us just as we are…everyday.