Wednesday Matters
Everyday Detailed Beauty

When I read all the verses in Exodus describing the different colors, stones, metals, woods, etc. that were to be used to build the tabernacle I thought, "Why take so much space in the Bible for that?  Why not devote more time to guidelines in dating or parenting, something a little more helpful?"  Hey this is Debbie Griffith with Everyday Matters. But by these chapters God showed me how much He cares about detail and beauty especially when it’s something that will honor His name.

And I realized He cares even more about the detail and beauty of the people He created to honor His name!  God’s perfectly happy with us enjoying beauty by the way we dress and decorate our homes and gardens.  Of course, there needs to be balance but how freeing to know God made us unique so He certainly doesn't want to take that away from us.  In accepting Christ as Savior we have the hope from Revelation 21 where every tear will be removed and we’ll belong in a place more beautiful than we can imagine…everyday.