Thursday Matters
Everyday Detachment

Loving someone who has an addiction problem can be very challenging. Hey this is Debbie Griffith with Everyday Matters.  I remember hearing the story of a woman who was married to an alcoholic and every night her husband would come home drunk, collapse on the floor and fall asleep.  And every night this woman would somehow get him up and put him to bed. She became worn out and frazzled from rescuing her husband. A friend suggested she attend Al Anon and there she learned about “Detachment.”  The next night when her husband came home drunk and fell asleep on the floor she simply put a blanket over him and left him there.   She loved him by covering him but by not picking him up she was detaching.  She did not rescue him.  She created a loving boundary and let go.

Sometimes love calls us to let go completely.  It can be a scary and uncertain time but God will guide you always (Isaiah 55:11).  And He’ll often send others to help who’ve been through a similar trial.  Reach out. You are not alone...everyday.