Wednesday Matters
Everyday Sharpened

My husband, Dan is proud that he served in the army.  I’m proud of him too and for the many others who served and are still serving to protect our country.  Hey this is Debbie Griffith with Everyday Matters.   I like Dan’s boot camp stories.   “In the army we were constantly drilled that we needed to keep our weapon clean and ready for use.”  A useless weapon not only made the soldier useless, but also a liability because now someone else needs to pick up the slack.  I always kept my rifle ready.  In Ephesian 6  God gives us a list of armor,  but only one weapon—the Bible which is the Sword of the Spirit, that is the only offensive spiritual weapon of the six God’s calls us to arm ourselves with.  Our knowledge of the Word is its sharpness.

There are so MANY things screaming for our attention and I’m sure, like me, you are being pulled in many directions.  Nevertheless,  I try to go to the BIBLE everyday so I’m ready to go and face whatever I’m called to face…everyday.