Friday Matters
Everyday Umpire

“Do you think I should take this additional job?” was the question asked me by a young mom.  Things were tight financially but the long hours would affect her family. My first thought was, “Yes,” because I knew she could handle it.  But later, I thought, “Would this choice bring peace?”  Hey this is Debbie Griffith with Everyday Matters.

I like applying Colossians 3:15 for the “should I or shouldn’t I” questions because listen; “Let the peace from Christ act as umpire in your hearts deciding and settling all questions that come into your mind.” The umpire in a ball game decides if a player is “in” or “out.”  Peace is to be the umpire that decides if something in our lives should be in or out! God has peace to give. We need to receive it and then stop trying to figure out everything by our feelings. When the answer is “no” I KNOW because I don’t have peace.  This mom let peace direct her decision and refused the job.  No surprise… God’s meeting her right where she’s at…everyday.