Monday Matters
Everyday Get in Van

“Mom, why do we have to go to church? I don’t want to. I know Jesus loves me. Can’t we skip?”  Years ago, getting four boys to Church on time with husband and buckled in our family van was not on my “favorite list” of things to do.  I had complaining thoughts too because church is people and people can be super irritating.  Often when we get there we begin judging; “Is the music good, the sermon effective, is Sunday school being taught right, and what about the format in general, are we inviting and engaging? Shouldn’t we be doing more?

Yes, we probably should but thank God that He loves us right where we’re at and not where we should be.  We are all gathering as sinners in need of Savior who gives grace. So my answer to myself and boys remains the same, “We go because it’s not about you. Learn how you can give, not just what you can get.  “Love God, love others, and get in the van.

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