Tuesday Matters
Everyday Cry

You want to look up but you can’t because the burden you’re carrying is so heavy and you feel strange because the alter call at church was about going forward to pray for a prodigal child and your kids are all in church wondering, “What’s wrong with mom?”  Others come forward to pray with those in front but I sat alone. Then suddenly, a woman, who could be described as the exact opposite of me, gentle and quiet, put her arm around me.  It was quiet and not a word was said but gradually more tears started rolling down my face and then I started to sob.  This woman gave the love and understanding of Jesus, who also wept with loss and felt alone. She put her arms around me and just sat with me because she knew what my heart must be feeling.  Jesus waits with us, sees our tears and cries with us. Sometimes He sends just the right person He can work through to meet us in our need…everyday.

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