Tuesday Matters
Everyday Pride

I was stinky. Oh I had taken a shower but I had pride and pride stinks.  Pride is difficult to deal with because we don’t think we have it.  I notice this stink most when I have zero patience with someone who’s hurt me.  In the Bible in James 4:10 I read to ask God to humble me so I can see the other as He does. I know then He will lift me up as He promises. The signs of pride include an unwillingness to admit fault or take responsibility for our actions. Pride wants to do all the talking and none of the listening.  Yeah, I know you’re probably thinking of someone who needs to hear this, but it may be you!  God gets you. He sees the hurt. I get you because I’ve been there. Are you still screaming? Maybe it’s time to stop and, “shhhhh… listen.”  Humility is a sweet fragrance for everyone to be around…everyday.

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