Thursday Matters
Everyday Law Discharged

“Hey Dan,” I called my husband. “I’m getting ready to head home from a conference,” so I was expecting Dan’s usual request to “drive safe” and wear my seatbelt but instead he offered, “Make sure you don’t wear your seatbelt and use your road rage if you have to.”  I couldn’t put my seatbelt on fast enough.  Maybe I shouldn’t be proud to be called a rule breaker, but I am proud that I am free from the old testament rules—rules to show us that no matter how well intentioned or hard we try—we will never measure up.  When Christ died He took that entire rule-dominated way of life down with Him leaving us free through His resurrection. Not to use our freedom to sin but to be live free with a light yoke and an easy burden.  “Wear the seatbelt knowing there’s a huge difference of being under the law and being free when Jesus takes the wheel…everyday.

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