Monday Matters
Everyday Backbone

I don’t sew, bake or volunteer for craft projects at school. I could feel like a lousy mom because don’t the good moms have all of those skills?  But try and remember, along with me, that God doesn’t make mistakes and He created you uniquely and for a specific purpose. Sure we get stuck wishing we were someone else or had their skills but how productive is that?  How about we try this: If you experience a setback or failure don’t fall apart but believe God will use the experience to train you for the next step.  Read Ephesians 3:12 and discover that through faith in God we can approach Him with freedom and confidence. He loves us.  “Plenty of people have wishbone but there are too few with not enough backbone.”

Once we’re rooted and established in His love, we can have the backbone to step out and be the very best of who He created use to be…everyday.

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