Tuesday Matters
Everyday Airport Shopping

Walking around the airport waiting for my next flight I became anxious and just negative as I thought about the circumstances and people that were making my life unpleasant. I said some verses but didn’t apply them; all I could think about was the people and circumstances that were making me crazy.  So I started thanking God for what I did have, which is my relationship with HIM. Then I realized I love to shop.

What I mean is this; when I’m thinking “It’s all about me,” I’m a mess.  But when I think about how much God loves me and how much I love people and sharing God’s love then peace sets in.  I went shopping at the airport mall and connected with Jolene the salesgirl and bought a cool scarf.  I used my receipt to draw an illustration about when Jesus is the center of our lives there’s hope.  That’s real God, real life…everyday.

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