Wednesday Matters
Everyday Cancer Dancing

After my pastor friend Dave and his wife Barb received the news of his cancer and were walking through the atrium at the Mayo clinic they came upon a group of ladies singing hymns around a piano. Two young women, one in a wheel chair and her partner were "dancing" and doing hand motions while singing to the music. Dave wrote, “Debbie, it was probably the most beautiful choreography I’ve ever seen.  You can well imagine we joined in - to the extent I could with tears running down my cheeks. We learned later that the girl in the wheel chair is in a lot of pain, but does not feel any when she’s dancing.”

Cancer journeys are hard. Once Dave and his wife accepted the assault to his body they were free to laugh, cry and live in the season they were in.  Jesus knows.  Psalm 30:5; “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning”…everyday.

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