Thursday Matters
Everyday Journey

In life’s journey we all want to be known and loved and Jesus knows us better than anyone and still loves us. I remember as I memorized Zephaniah 3:17 to teach the verse that God’s main point is the constant, never ending love He wants us to know and experience. He delights in us as His child with such gladness.

He knows me, my pain, my ache from the loved one I lost, the cancer that came to my Dan, my anxiety attacks and depression, the lie that spread and my dream of stardom on Broadway— He knew before I knew. HE IS here, waiting to make creative, redemptive use of what has happened. He is always on the move. He isn’t wasting time thinking about all the trouble He has with us or how awful we feel about where we are with ourselves and our troubles. God is not mad at you. He grieves for wrong choices or things done to us but He loves us madly and deeply everyday.

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