Friday Matters
Everyday Veteran

Steve is an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran. Upon arriving home three years ago from his final tour to Afghanistan he found out that his wife had been cheating on him and had spent or stole almost all of their money. Steve had nowhere to stay, no phone and was suffering from severe anxiety problems. One of his close friends from high school, Shawn, and his wife, took Steve in and let him live with their family of five. They’ve helped him deal with his divorce and get his life together. Since then, Steve’s moved into his own place, opened a diner, and his friend’s kids call him Uncle Steve when they see him.

This is the love of Jesus’ unconditional love.  We’re His kids and no matter what mess we’re in, He’s there, ready to make redemptive use of our mess. Even on our worst days God stands with His door wide open and says; “Come in,” everyday.

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