Wednesday Matters
Everyday Rights

Yeah I'm here to tell you have rights. You have the right and opportunity to be set free from shame, and a legalistic mindset.  Satan is a huge “stinker.” He tries to rob us of enjoying our lives so he accuses, condemns us and makes us feel insecure because he knows we can't live enjoy life and have negative feelings about ourselves at the same time. But God gives us an opportunity to break free out of this “Mind-Trap-Jail.”  Jesus said in John 8 that if you abide in His word and you're truly His disciples you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. Many of us have reached that point where we're just so tired of trying to be in control of everything and run the world so I'm asking, “Are you willing to surrender and ask God to help you? Pray, “Lord I'm tired and I want to have peace and joy in my life and so I give you my will to do Your will. You know what my needs are and You will get it done. I place my trust in You.”  Now go and walk out in the freedom God has for you everyday.

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