Thursday Matters
Everyday JOY

Are you enjoying life? Are you enjoying every part of your life and not just the fun parts or what you consider to be fun? I believe with the power of the Holy Spirit we can REALLY start enjoying our life. Life is really all about the journey. So, you know when a train arrives at whatever station it's headed for, it soon leaves again for another station. We spend more time in life waiting than we do arriving.

One of the ways Satan wants to get us down is to get us into this mindset that everything is a problem, it's always about waiting. But finally, can we just learn to know that circumstances change, but God NEVER changes. Let's refuse to let Satan get us into this negative mindset. I know you've made mistakes, I have too. But that doesn't define who we are. Jesus define who we are. Satan wants to steal the joy but God is a JOY giver, everyday. 

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