Tuesday Matters
Everyday Me, Myself & I

Pride is a difficult problem for us to deal with because it hides. We can see the pride in everyone else’s life but often not our own. Hey this is Debbie Griffith with Everyday Matters. Pride deceives us and causes us to think we don’t have it. Obadiah 1:3 tells us, “The pride of your heart has deceived you.” “Yeah,” I think, “I, I and I are my greatest problems.” It takes humility and compassion to forgive others while not focusing on their failures.  Remember in a season of diversity and debate, “Seek to win people, not arguments.”

Pride and love do not mix.  Love is not proud and it keeps no record of the hurt from others.  Love “shakes it off.”  Love doesn’t look down on others but how often when we feel bad about ourselves do we put someone else down because it’s easier than looking at our own junk?  So let’s pray, “God help. Fill us with Your love and grace to accept others as You do with genuine authenticity. Thanks and AMEN…everyday.

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