Thursday Matters
Everyday "They"

I mean honestly, when I began to really grasp what Jesus was offering me with complete forgiveness and no condemnation I could stop pretending and performing. I need Him desperately.  Hey this is Debbie Griffith with Everyday Matters.   It is not the “they” who are poor, sinful and lost. It’s awareness that we ourselves are the primary target.

Unless we acknowledge that we are the sinners, the sick ones and the lost sheep for whom Jesus came, we do not belong to the “blessed” who know that they are poor and inherit the Kingdom.  Let’s stop trying to appear righteous before God and others.  It’s a dangerous zone when get our assurance from wealth or our status. “I’m good. I have all I want.” We must realize that we’re wretchedly and pitiably poor and we’re blind and naked too. Isaiah 64 often comes to me when I think, “I’m doing really well here.”  “We’re all unclean and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags. It’s His blood shed for us which cleans and covers us…everyday.

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