Wednesday Matters
Everyday Compliment

“It’s not fair. They don’t deserve my kindness and I’m certainly not going to compliment them because they think they have it all together.”  Very often those difficult people in our lives are family.  We think; “How can they be so clueless to their own junk and continue to point out mine?”  But here’s the deal; we may not think they deserve our love or kindness but neither do we deserve God’s grace and kindness toward us.

The advice given me was; “Debbie, just lavish them with love. Compliment and see what happens in your heart and in theirs.”  Guess what it works. Love someone with simply acts of kindness by praising the good of who they are and you’ll be amazed at how God changes your heart and theirs. Truth from God in John 13:34; “Love one another as I have loved you.”   It’s hard at first…really hard.  But the change, the blessing, the beginning of healing in a broken relationship…oh you’ll be thinking; “Why didn’t I do this sooner…everyday.”

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