Monday Matters
Everyday Listen

Are you listening?  Jesus is speaking. Hear His voice; “You are forgiven. Today is a new day.  Our feelings are pretty strong and so even when we confess and have God’s forgiveness we may not feel like it because of an action of ours was so awful.

But listen to Lamentations 3:23 where we can know: “Great is His mercy. It’s new every morning and great is His faithfulness.  Everyday I try to “be better” by choosing what I should think on which often means I remain silent, shut my mouth and pray.  Don’t be discouraged. You’re not alone because there’s a whole lot of us who so wanted to be faithful, but who at times got defeated, beat-up by life and tested by trials but through it all we clung to the faith.  This is the Gospel of Grace.  Let’s cheer each other on with this truth and hope. Carry on friend. I’m on the journey with you …everyday.

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