Thursday Matters
Everyday Family Van

Our family van has been so challenging on so many different levels, and so one of the times AGAIN I had to ask someone to jump the battery with cables which I carry in the back where the hatch is broken.  This guy, Josh, he helped me get my van going and I was thanking him I just thought, you know, I’m gonna ask Josh some questions about his life. And I found out that Josh, he was stuck in a really difficult place.  I listened.  Because I know for me that I don’t want necessarily a response because rarely can a response make something better but what makes something better is that connection, that understanding.

And in that same way God wants to connect with you; to listen to us, to love us where we’re at and not where we should be, to show us we’re not alone and that there is always hope.  And when there is hope and that understanding of His love, His forgiveness, there is freedom…everyday.

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