Monday Matters
Everyday Church

I love people.  I love traveling and meeting new people in everyday random places like gas stations. You can have church anywhere.  Because when church stops being about us, it can be about God again. Church is meant to crush our selfishness, and church without God does none of that. Often our evangelism becomes winning people to our doctrine or our denomination instead of reaching the people next door who have no direct access to freedom in Jesus.  As I travel speaking, I get a reality check that I think every “church person” needs:  our job is to get people to know Jesus personally.  People need God desperately--- and not in a Pollyanna, it’s-all-for-a-reason sort of way.  Jesus came to save the lost by letting them know they are loved right where they are, and not where they should be.  Let’s don’t just go to church, let’s be the church…love without conditions…every day.

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