Thursday Matters
Everyday Stuck

Okay, there’s this kind of Christian who is “stuck” outside the tension between law and grace – and specifically I’m talking about those who don’t know they need grace.  I have been that girl at various times myself.

When you don’t know you need grace, you come to the counseling room in righteous indignation.  You come with your “rights” and “it’s not fair” because there’s a sinner worse than you.  This may include the spouse who drags their partner along to get “fixed,” the partner who doesn’t think they need “fixing,” the person angry with God for failing to fulfill their dreams, and the one who simply cannot forgive.  They know they’re right and they want you to know it too. Accepting Christ means acknowledging deep sin and a need we have, in all areas of our own lives.  Jesus desires to confront the blackness of our hearts and change us.  PRAY for yourself and for others who need to KNOW and SEE how much we need His grace, because without it we can’t really love others…every day.

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