Friday Matters
Everyday "I Should"

Today I want to encourage you to ask God to help you take the “should” out of your life.  Think how often you say, “I should read the Bible, I should memorize scripture, I should attend a Bible study, should lead one.”  But remember what Paul says in 2 Corinthians: “The code of the Law kills but the Holy Spirit makes alive.”

When we start thinking “I should,” we get stuck in being religious.  Some religious circles want you to believe that God can only be reached through rule-keeping and good behavior.  This “religious spirit” was alive when Jesus walked the earth, but He died so we could have a close personal relationship with Him and not a religion.  The Law was given to show people their need for a Savior.  Our personal relationship with Christ enables us to walk in freedom and to be loved as we are, not where we (or others) think we “should” be…every day.

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