Tuesday Matters
Everyday Drunk

What does being righteous mean?  Well, it means we are in right standing with God and that means we know who we are in Him….loved, redeemed, not a mistake.  Greater self-effort and determination will never liberate you. Shifting your focus will. This means letting God lead you and not your flesh.

Again in the Bible, Ephesians 5, tells us not to be drunk with wine but instead to be drunk with the Holy Spirit. When a person is drunk on alcohol, they feel, think and act differently. I’ve been there, done that.  But the exact same is true when we are filled with the Holy Spirit, we feel think and act differently.  The Christian life is not the result of trying to act like a Christian; that’s only frustrating. The secret is developing our relationship with God empowered by the Holy Spirit.  As God's Spirit fills us, we better understand who God really is.  Our lives are changed from the inside out and good behavior is the end product…everyday.

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