Thursday Matters
Everyday Storms

“It seems in life when it rains it pours, and in the downpour I can no longer see my blessings. That’s what a listener Becky wrote. I get it. “I feel like the disciples who were overcome with fear and concentrated on the storm instead of Jesus. I don't plan on giving up but it sure seems like a daily struggle to hang on.”  I’m sure we’ve all been in a storm we thought would never let up. We’ve all been in the middle. In Mark 4:35 Jesus told the disciples, “Let’s cross to the other side” and yep they got to the other side.

Sometimes we can’t SEE how we will get there but by FAITH we can know and trust that God will bring us through.  We need to hang on with our faith and not our fear. And even though our storm may be of hurricane proportions like the disciples had, Jesus is right there with us, fully aware, fully awake and ready to bring us through…everyday.

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