Tuesday Matters
Everyday Real Life

In one simple month all of life seemed to fall apart. Brandon had lost his job, the family’s golden retriever had died and Brandon’s wife was back at the clinic again to try new antibiotics to combat her bronchitis.  God where are you? If He loves us won’t He take the pain away or at least some of it?  Remember God is always with us and He isn’t surprised by what’s happening. Everything must pass through His hands first.  Sometimes a tragedy is where we meet God for the first time.  We must lose religion, where it’s all about rules and proving ourselves, and instead rest in a personal relationship with God who knows exactly what we’re going through and how to take care us.  Jesus working through us and not focusing on our own works or man’s laws is what’s important. God always loves us. He will not fail us.  Grasp hold of His grace and mercy with both hands to find hope…everyday.

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