Wednesday Matters
Everyday MERCY

“Dan, c’mon, please pay the bill.  My allowance won’t cover it.”  I was at my husband’s office asking for grace as I handed him the bill from spending too much at J. Crew Catalog.  Whew…he forgave and paid the bill.  I was relieved. But when I went home I discovered that a stick of butter, my special cake plate and a container of frosting was missing.  I knew my nephew had baked a cake while I was away so I called and scolded him for not replacing my supplies.

When I hung up the phone I realized I was acting like the ungrateful servant in Matthew 18. A king was about to punish this servant for a debt of millions but instead had pity and forgave.  But was this servant grateful?  No, he instantly found his friend who owed him a few thousand and when instant payment wasn’t given he had the man thrown in prison.  Okay, so I got the memo. God gives fresh mercy to us each day so how can we afford to withhold mercy from others who need it too…everyday.

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