Thursday Matters
Everyday Feet Washing

Nancy felt she had forgiven her friend but every time she drove past her girlfriend’s home, the resentment and pangs of hurt would surround her. She prayed.  God answered.  He told her He wanted her to picture Him washing her feet everyday thus showing her how much He loves and forgives her.  She spent this time with Jesus and then the day came when He said, “Now I want you to wash your friend’s feet, “Okay but make sure the water is scalding,” she thought.  It startled her that this was where her heart was but she obeyed.  She prayed and let the Holy Spirit change her as she mentally washed the feet of her friend.  Nancy still not in a restored friendship but she no longer has deep hurt when driving by her friend’s home.  I am not there either with letting go of some deeper hurts but I know God knows and His love continues to work in and through me…everyday.

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