Tuesday Matters
Everyday Keep On

Often our prayers are ones where we cry about all that is wrong and we list what needs fixing. Just so you know, it’s more than OK to do this. God cares about our pain and all that happens to us.  Hey this is Debbie Griffith with Everyday Matters. But sometimes we stop praying and give up on God because He didn’t answer the prayer like we thought – our sick friend got sicker and the marriage we prayed would stay together ended in divorce. That’s hard.

I’m sorry if that’s been the outcome for you in a prayer, but please remember this truth in your heart. GOD WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU. Nothing you do or don’t will cause Him to withdraw His love. And nothing is too small or too big for Him to take care of. He loves each of us personally.  There is something redeemable in your mess and pain right now. Get up, bring a gift to someone this day, a card of encouragement or a muffin, something.  Serving someone else will help you…everyday.

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