Wednesday Matters
Everyday Kid Training

“I absolutely get what you’re saying about raising a good and godly kid,” shared Beth. It’s not like I haven’t heard the Proverb, “Train up a child in the way they should go. When they’re old they’ll not depart from it.”

“But our oldest daughter is determined to do everything the hard way no matter what advice and direction we give,” continued Beth.  “Why didn’t this verse apply to our family?  We felt as if we failed God, failed our daughter, but God’s grace showed us that despite our best efforts and prayers our daughter had a free will to choose her own way. It’s not that she departed from the way she was trained; she just never arrived there in the first place. We did our best with our own imperfections.” Beth and her husband will never give up on their daughter and God certainly won’t either.  God cares about our kids more than we do. So while you wait receive His peace and grace that He gives you and your children each and everyday.

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