Friday Matters
Everyday Earth Experience

This earth is not our home. Good…because it’s so stinkin’ hard some days. I so often have to look up look & find the hope to move forward.  Hope is basically the belief that something good is going to happen, there’s something better that’s ahead. We need hope for this earth experience now but we also have an eternal hope when we confess and profess that Jesus is Lord and the only one who can remove our guilty sins.

One of the most helpful things I can do is to go public with my struggles while sharing the hope that I have.  When I openly share my hard places and say a promise, say from Philippians 1:6, where God tells us, “He Who began a good work in us will be faithful to complete it until the day He returns,” I find that I’m not alone because someone else needed to hear exactly the same thing.  The earth experience is hard but there’s always hope. Keep on keeping on…everyday.

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