Monday Matters
Everyday Sinners Club

God is love. God is holy. Sometimes we can get out of balance with both….too liberal in our definition or too legalistic.  Don’t miss the point; ABOVE ALL is God’s love.
We think since God has the power to do something, unless He does it, He does not love. Yet, because God is pure love, He cannot accept evil in any form. God's holiness demands consequences for sin.  Today, many people want to run from consequences.  The lack of teaching on true morality has lowered the bar.  Sometimes we tell God; "Our sins are not so wrong. What others do is much worse."  I’ve been there…done that. Ecclesiastes 12 tells us; “Everything which is hidden, whether it is good or evil” will come before Him.  We are all in the sinner’s club and we all need to be in the Savior’s club …everyday.

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