Tuesday Matters
Everyday God Is Alive

God’s not dead. He’s surely alive. The Newsboys sing about this. I like to talk about this. God’s living and actively concerned for our joy and well-being. Jesus is God and as Pastor Timothy Keller explains, Most people love those who love them, yet God loves and seeks even people who are His enemies.  But because God is good and loving, He cannot tolerate evil.

The opposite of love is not anger, but indifference. “The more you love your son, the more you hate in him the liar, the drunkard, the traitor,” (E. Gifford). To imagine God’s situation, imagine a judge who also is a father, who sits at the trial of his guilty son. He knows his son deserves the punishment and as Judge He cannot let the crime go unpunished.  So He offers his child a way out.  Admit the wrong and accept the Judge’s pardon, or ignore the Judge’s offer and suffer the punishment.  Jesus is the pardon, but only if accepted—Everyday.

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