Wednesday Matters
Everyday Catch Em'

Do you think it’s our job to clean up the lives of others? Well it’s not, that’s God’s job.  I believe our “job” to live a life of love and find a connection with people and love them wherever they’re at in life. Like ah….does really anyone want to be preached at?  The Bible has all the answers for getting cleaned up but if you don’t trust the One who loves and gives the answers you’re probably not gonna be that interested in following Him. How’s this for a catch cliché’, “Be ye fishers of men. You catch em’--He’ll clean em.” Once someone trusts, receives and hopes in God’s unconditional love they’ll want to read what He has to say with the heart that says; “I get to read the Bible” and not, “I have to.” Believe me I’ve started implementing this type of fishing program with telling and showing everyone I meet that God’s love is an awesome never ending love… everyday.

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