Wednesday Matters
Everyday Jealousy

A few years ago I watched a music video of a woman I used to mentor. I was amazed at the talent and beauty she displayed. But instead of feeling happy for her, I was jealous; “Why her?” Hey this is Debbie Griffith with Everyday Matters.  Jealousy is one of the most dangerous poisons which can literally destroy us.  It’s challenging because we know we shouldn’t be jealous so we pretend it’s not happening and we find reasons why the other person shouldn’t have success.

I called my husband and said; “I’m jealous.”  As soon as I brought my jealousy to the light it no longer had power over me.  I was able to congratulate my friend and the poison of envy didn’t infect me. We have a special friendship and I’m proud of her. King Solomon asks; “Who can stand before jealousy?”  No one can because it’s as cruel as the grave.  It’s hard to be honest about this part of our lives, the jealousy that creeps in so let God show you the success He has for you by you BEING YOU…everyday.

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