Monday Matters
Everyday Real Forgiveness

Love is kind. Love forgives despite what the other person does. Yeah, I know the part about setting needed boundaries with the person who is still operating in dysfunctional behavior.  But I’m talking about really forgiving someone who’s hurt you and not rehearsing the hurt by dragging the memory around in your head.  I understand. It’s hard.

There are those days where you know you should stop recalling the past hurts but then you see the person in the grocery store or hear someone talking about an event and something triggers a past hurt and all kindness goes out the door as swiftly as it came in.  I think of the woman prostitute who anointed Jesus’ feet with costly perfume and what Jesus said about her; “She loves much because she’s been forgiven much.”  Thank God for His grace in your own life and give that to the other who’s hurt you.  You need to take the person off your hurt list and let God’s love do His healing work…everyday.

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