Wednesday Matters
Everyday Personal

I’ve lost weight and I’m overall toned and fit. I feel healthy too. I’ve no more debt and even an excess of money (after donating to special relief funds) so I was able to buy some adorable new outfits. My marriage is perfectly perfect and our four sons know exactly God’s call on their lives.

Don’t you feel better knowing how great I’m doing? Probably not, so here’s the truth; I can’t fit into my everyday jeans, it’s a hard road getting out of debt, my marriage takes work and our sons are all in places making decisions about their future.  NOW I bet you feel better because you can probably relate on some level. God’s real and He wants us to keep it real too.   Pain is personal and Jesus is personal so sharing our pain is a way to help others know they’re not alone.  When we enter into community we can find the one who needs to know Jesus personally too.  Ya know, others may fail you but Jesus never will…everyday.

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