Thursday Matters
Everyday All of Us

Isn’t it easy to sit back and find the faults of everyone else and build excuses about our own junk that we need to clean up?  We’re all sinners. We need to confess our sins, receive God’s grace and walk forward with Christ.

We cannot do anything to merit grace, and yet we look at someone like Mother Teresa and think surely she entered into heaven because of what she did. If we emulate her sacrificial love in some small fashion, we are lulled into a false sense of security that persuades us that we have no need of repentance today. When the little saint humbly confessed her brokenness and her desperate need for God, either we were uncomprehending or we secretly suspected her of false modesty. Yet she got it, and by the love she received, she gave in great amounts to others.  Serve up love to the one God puts in front of you…everyday.

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