Tuesday Matters
Everyday Pain Praising

I hate being in a state of fear, especially the intense, paralyzing and irrational kind known as an anxiety attack.  I haven’t had an attack for a very long time so I was very alarmed when one Friday night my body froze in fear, my heart was beating rapidly and my body was sweating like crazy.  I know God is there when an attack happens but my feelings usually tell me otherwise.  Because I said; “God help,” quietly and nothing happened.  Because I have made it an exercise to memorize scripture I remembered Psalm 116:17; “Offer up a sacrifice of thanks and call on Jesus.”  So even though it seemed weird I began to Praise God.  At first I just whispered, but gradually I began praise God louder Him and after about two hours… I was good.

Praising God in the pain is one of the most powerful ways to throw the enemy off his course who tries to attack us with fear.  Praise and thanks first and everything else seems to fall in place…everyday.

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