Wednesday Matters
Everyday What God?

I imagine when the future King David is dodging Saul, who’s hot on his trail to destroy him; he’s just like, “Really, can I just get a break here God?” God is on David’s side and no longer on Saul’s because Saul has walked away from God.  David gets wind of Saul’s plans to kill him, his men and others in a town if David plans on going there.  And I’m thinking as I read the story in 1 Samuel that David can certainly go to the town and then ask God for protection.  BUT instead David FIRST prays and asks God; “Will Saul destroy the town and will the people hand me over to Saul?” The Lord simply replies; “He will and they will,” so David goes back into hiding.

I was really struck by this thinking how often I do the opposite. I decide on my plans and then ask God to bless me rather than asking for God’s direction first. Wisdom is going to God first because He always knows the best plan…everyday.

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