Friday Matters
Everyday Camping

I came, I camped I conquered. I am not what you call “outdoorsy” so camping in tents with my family of six and another family of the same size, for two days and nights, I think deserves some kinda special “mom award.” It was basic “Camping 101” with a camp stove, and an outhouse bathroom but I did it, sleeping hiking, conversing and playing under the waterfalls.  I had fun!  Who knew?  I still think I’m better suited for “Camp Fancy Hotel” but I made a decision about my attitude before going into the adventure.

I was even sick one of the nights but it was the medicine of my heart that made all the difference.  The cheerful heart, which Proverbs 17 talks about, is able to find the good in whatever place we’re in.  Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.  We’re in charge of our attitudes and allowing God’s love to be in charge of us makes all the difference…everyday.

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