Tuesday Matters
Everyday Orphaned

You may be an orphan and by that I mean an individual who actually has parents but for whatever reason such as abuse, whether physically or emotionally, disinterest, or they’re just plain absent; you may be an orphaned child. I recently heard someone’s story whose case was just that. But guess what Psalm 10:14 says? When we commit to God He is the helper to the orphan. God makes sure orphans have lots of parents.

God will place others to care and support you. Give up this ideal that it has to be the parents you are assigned to by birth or adoption. What’s really amazing is that when you let go and let God begin to show you the people He has for you to talk to, share your heart and laugh with, He may be using that time to prepare you to be a parent or sibling for someone who is an orphan too. God is good. Always. He’s got us covered and He knows who and what we need…everyday.

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