Monday Matters
Everyday Just say IT

“My husband has cancer” I wrote that in the subject line of an email announcement that I sent to over 100 family and friends in 2010.  My brother responded, “Wow, Deb that’s powerfully blunt to write in the subject line.”  I know.  It helps for me to face what I fear.  If I can’t talk about the cancer or even it say then it has control over me.  Many times Satan uses fear to immobilize us.  Philippians 1:28 tells us not to be intimidated by our adversaries but stand with confidence and fearlessness because it’s a clear sign to the enemy of his doom, but sure evidence of our deliverance from God.

Satan knows that the only way he can overcome a believer is through deception and intimidation. It is okay if you’re shaking on the inside and feel afraid just don’t let it move you to let go and give up. Stand firm on the truth of God. My husband is cancer-free but no matter what happened I knew I would not be crippled by fear…everyday.

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