Tuesday Matters
Everyday Why Follow?

I follow Jesus because He is God and I trust Him.  He is holy and because of His holiness He must punish sin. He loves all humans whom He created but He hates sin and sin blocks us from having a relationship with Him. What to do? We can’t do enough good acts to remove our stains of sin. But because of God’s love for us He took the punishment and paid for our sin by dying on the cross.  He then rose and came back to life.  We now have a choice.  Do we accept the sacrificial gift He offers with the hope of living eternally with Him?  We are given the hope of heaven where we too will be fully restored physically complete and whole.

Know this; God dearly loves you and is deeply fond of you. That’s one part but the other part you must know and follow is to admit and confess that you’re a sinner.  Oh the wonder of grace where God tells us in 1 John 1:9 that when we confess our sins He is faithful and just and He’ll remove all our sins. This is simply because of His great unconditional love for us which sets us free…everyday.

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