Monday Matters
Everyday Breakthrough

Cindy was a gal I mentored and even though she said she’d forgiven her father she continued negatively talking about him and avoided him. “I did forgive him,” said Cindy, “but you don’t know how much he’s hurt me.” She had become bitter. I sat with her as she cried and said, “I get it and no matter how great the offense is, we serve a God Who is greater and He promises to handle the offense in His perfect way. He’ll give us the grace we need while we wait for His justice.

In Isaiah 61:7 we are told that, “Instead of our former shame we’ll have a twofold recompense.” How great is that because recompense is a reward, it’s payback for past hurts.  So think of it like worker’s compensation. You work for God and if you get hurt on the job, He will pay you back!   With God’s grace and time Cindy finally let go and forgave her dad, and with boundaries in place they’ve reconciled. God wants restoration for you too…everyday.

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