Wednesday Matters
Everyday Sit and Wait

The Sunday morning message was that of a prodigal daughter so afterward there was an invitation to come forward to pray for a child we had or knew who was perhaps “lost.”  I went forward deciding to pray for a few friends my heart was aching for.  When I finished I turned around and sat on the bottom step and looked vacantly down the aisle, feeling numb.  The small group that had gathered up front was now dispersing with tears and “thanks for praying with me” hugs.  I sat alone.
But suddenly, a woman, who could be described as the exact opposite of me, gentle and quiet, put her arm around me.  It was quiet and not a word was said but gradually tears started rolling down my face and then I started to sob.  This woman, with the love and understanding you can read about in 2 Corinthians put both her arms around me because she knew what my heart must be feeling.  She was like Jesus sitting at the well with me, waiting to just love others as they are and ready to meet their thirst …everyday.

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