Friday Matters
Everyday Itch

Hidden sin is attractive but once exposed, we see how ugly it really is. But often a person acting in sin can’t see the truth of how what they’re doing is not only hurting themselves but also others around them.  C.S. Lewis in, The Great Divorce says sin is like an itch that needs to be scratched.  At first it’s small but the more it’s scratched the better it feels.  After a while the itch becomes less, but you actually long to have it back.  Sin is that way, when you aren't being satisfied by it anymore, you still long to have it.  Only God can take that desire away.
Sin costs us and the real loss isn’t just on earth but the loss of eternal life.   Good news is that if we’re sorry, change our ways and accept Christ we have life, which is what 1 John 5:12 talks about. It’s called repentance and it brings true freedom. Without Christ and His forgiveness, there is no life...everyday.

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