Tuesday Matters
Everyday Grace Giving

“Honestly this person has had way too many moments of grace from me,” said Susan. “I know love forgives despite what the other person does and I know about setting boundaries with the person who is still operating in dysfunctional behavior.  Okay great but what about really forgiving someone who’s hurt you and making the decision to stop rehearsing the hurt by playing the memory around in our heads everyday.  It’s hard.

For the most part Susan had forgiven Steve but some days she was trigged by the past hurt and then any peace she had would disappear. There’s always this temptation to rehearse our hurts and expectations so that’s why there’s a God and He’s not you.  The woman prostitute, who anointed Jesus’ feet with costly perfume displayed an act of tenderness and Jesus said this about her; “She loves much because she’s been forgiven much.”  I have been forgiven much. Have you?  We all need grace just as much as the next person…everyday.

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